What sunglasses do you wear with your LV?

  1. As a treat from DH, I get to pick out any sunglasses I want (could be dangerous!!) ...I was wondering what sunglasses you wore with your LV's!???!!!??:heart:
  2. LVs of course :p lol

    I always used to have Gucci glasses, but since I got my black Obsession Carrees those haven't seen the light of day anymore :shame:

    Amazing quality! Especially the Landscape vision :yes:
  3. ^ ITA. LVs! i have the teal obsession carres and it's the perfect touch to your LV bag and they are of excellent quality.
  4. I use my brown LV Alhambras or my black D & G's. :supacool:
  5. i use my chanel:p
  6. I use my gucci's with my lv
  7. LV has better quality sunglasses than the ones produced in the factory in italy for most other famous brands like chanel and Dior. You can really feel the quality when you try them on in store and they are definetly the best chioce with LV bags.
  8. My newest pair is Marc by Marc Jacobs Round framed sunglasses in this color...
    I think they go great with my LV b/c they have a similar color to them, plus they're really comfy and look great with a tan :smile:
  9. I wear my Lv sunnys. I have a pair of dolce sunnys as well but usually wear my LV ones expecially when I am using my LV bags.
  10. I borrow my mom's honey glitter Obsessions (LV) or I wear one of my pairs of Chanel's. I'd really like to eventually get a pair of the Conspiration GM's, I always try them on in the store.
  11. chanel
  12. I only wear two pairs of sunglasses out of the 5-6 pairs I have...LV Obsession or black D&G
  13. I wear Gucci sunglasses which probably don't protect my eyes - bought them almost 4 years ago - long before my LV obsession. I would like a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses at some point.
  14. I use my Chanel. It's my current favorite sunnies
  15. Cartier.
    I love the bubinga wood pairs.