What Sunglasses do you have?

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  1. I have Dior Bike 1. Dior Overshine 2. Morrisey 'aloha baby'. What do you guys have? Post pics too!!!:nuts:
    I Love sunnies!
  2. Hi I have 7 pairs of Chanel and 1 Fendi , 1 Burberry, & last but not least 1 YSL. Here is a pic of 5 chanels and the one fendi I love handbags and sunglasses.[​IMG]
  3. I have: Chanel 5096b (Newest and favorite!) Dior Brazilian, Dior Night2, Burberry Havanna.

  4. i have the cartier with my prescription in them (can't put prescription on alot of new nice styles). i love them.
  5. Gucci and Dior. Only 2 pairs that don't really give me headache. I can't really wear sunglasses for long.
  6. Chanel, Gucci and Oliver Peoples
  7. Chanel and Gucci sunglasses rock!:lol:
  8. I only buy the ones that fit me the best. I have 3: Prada, Miu Miu, and Emporio Armani.
  9. Can yall post some pics? Im drooling over here.
  10. I have Samantha Coach sunglasses in tortoise. I love them and get compliments all the time!
  11. I love tortoise.:love:
  12. out of all my sunglasses, this pair is my favorite(sorry pic is off ebay, im technologically handicapped lol:shame: ) :

  13. Cheap sunglasses :shame: I wish I could afford a nice pair of designer sunglasses!
  14. These two pairs I have are REALLY old, but I LOVE the way they fit. I have yet to find another pair as comfortable as these two.
    Dior Aviators:
  15. [​IMG]

    It does an excellent job of blocking out the sun.
    I'm looking for the "perfect" pair Diors now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.