What sunglasses do Chanel gals wear?

  1. I am planning on getting a new pair of sunnies and am undecided about what kind will go best with my Chanels. This made me wonder what sunnies you girls wear. Do you only do Chanel or do you have a favorite pair from a different designer? Why do you wear them? Do you have different ones to match with different bags? Please post pics if you can!

    Right now I wear these Guccis alot (image from eBay) but don't really think they go with my Chanels:

  2. OOO I have a serious sunglass addiction, lol. I wear all different brands. I love chanels of course. I also really love Oliver Peoples for big plastic frames, they are so glam and fit my face so well. And IMO Marc Jacobs makes the best aviators. I also have diors, gucci's, valentino's, i m not "faithful" to one designer, lol.
  3. i just stick w/the classic mother of perals sunnies to be on safe side.
  4. I'm lately only feeling Chanel sunnies love. Especially since they've offered ones with smaller or no logos.
  5. I'm a Chanel sunnies junkie, I only have 3 but it's all I wear:
    IMG_2080.jpg IMG_1385.jpg DSCF1863.jpg DSCF2514.jpg
  6. I wear the brown with the metal CCs
  7. Chanel is what I'm wearing now...I also have a couple pairs of Gucci sunnies too.
  8. Chanel is the only brand that I'm wearing at this moment. I have a total of 2 pairs.
  9. Love my Chrome Hearts! But they are more edgy not girly.....
  10. I only seem to ever buy CHANEL sunnies, I have a few pair and a pair of Chanel glasses (for driving at night)
  11. I'm a sunglasses addict too! Whenever I'm at NM Last Call or Nordstrom Rack I scour the sunnies cases for bargains. While I've never found Chanel, I did score 3 pairs of Oliver Peoples oversized frames for $55 each at Last Call, and a pair of Gucci oversize frames for $50 at the Rack. As for Chanel, I have 4 pairs: (2) 6014 and (2) 5080b (the last pair in Swanky's pics).

    I always wear my Chanel sunnies with Chanel bags, and use the others for times I'm not using a bag, like walking the dog or going to the gym.
  12. Wow! Those are gorgeous!

    Bagangel, I think you have the ones I'm looking to get. Big metal CC's at the hinge, right? Do yours have the shield frame or the regular frame (kwim?)?
  13. Chanel + Chanel will always go. but Bvlgari makes some really lovely shades as well. and i think it goes well with Chanel.

  14. i own a pair of chanel sunnies but live in my dior glossys
  15. I usually wear Louis Vuitton sunnies because they are one of the few high-end designer ones with polarized lenses. My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, so the more protection the better.
    My current favorite pair are the LV Soupcon GM in Dark Glitter Honey with the LV Landscape polarized lenses.