what sunglasses are these??!! HELP!!!

  1. can anyone tell me what sunglasses nicole richie is wearing in these pictures i attached? she wore them on the simple life when they went to camp and more recently when she went to court (not 100% that the ones from camp are the same ones she wore to court but either way i want them!) please help! i read that theyre similar to the nour noushi crystal mystery sunglasses but when i saw a picture of the noushi ones they didnt look anything like these ones :confused1: i am dying to get these but dont know the designer or style # or anything :sad:
    sunglasses.jpg sun.jpg sun5.jpg sun6.jpg
  2. 'Audrey' Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses


  3. oh my god thank you SO MUCH! i cant thank u enough
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  6. Glad to know you've found them! I had absolutely no idea who those were by.
  7. Sorry! I had a subscription to this thread, but just now saw all of the replies. LOL Did you buy them?! If so, post some modeling photos. They are so cute!!!
  8. nah, i havent gotten them :smile: theres so many different sunglasses i like and i can never figure out which ones i really want :p especially since its winter now i cant get myself to buy a pair since its not sunny ;) soon though, soon. ima definitely post pics if i get em :tup:
  9. i got them and will get them on friday posting pics ASAP
  10. they retail at 467 and they are sold out nationwide i even wrote the company about them... keep checking eBay and they will show up maybe
  11. you cant get them anywhere now..and eBay is all fake
  12. here are the pics of them on me!!! they are sold out everywhere you cant find them. when i googled them i found them on craigslist here in malibu so i met the girl today and bought them from her for a very very good price!!!!!! yayaya soooo adorable!
    richie1.JPG oliver 1.JPG oliver 2.JPG oliver 3.JPG
  13. how many times did you post this? LOL
  14. Wow, those are really cute! :love: Look great on you btw