what summer bag are you coveting?

  1. Mine is the BV intrecciato roma bag, possibly in move (like. Cool pink/mauve) or a pale yellow chanel jumbo.
  2. Hmmm,good question. If I could wear light pink, I'd get the BV Montaigne (sp?) in Magnolia. But pink washes away any color in my pale skin, so if there's a BV in yellow (I think it would have to be from last season--no yellow this summer)or a nice green, I'd like that. Till then I'm using my BV tote in Poudre--not exactly a summer color.

    I'll bet the Chanel in pale yellow is fantastic. I've never seen one; will have to try their website.
  3. The Cocker in Poudre! Though, there is no seasonal weather here in Singapore... who cares anyway, I still want that. :jammin:
  4. Kat, that Veneta in Magnolia is one of the prettiest bags I've ever seen. Love that color!
  5. :yes:

    If I could keep light coloured bags CLEAN, I would def want a Magnolia Veneta in large please! :love:
  6. Not just a summer bag I'm coveting, but THE bag I'm coveting -- the cocker! Not sure if it comes in Limo (oh, please do!), but I'll be able to get to a BV boutique next week, so I'll see what's there.
  7. http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w302/marly1008/NMX02C9_mn.jpg

    Ooh, Kat. I love that one! I'm lusting after the Intrecciato hobo bag and the Umbria Intrecciato Tote in Limo. I'll add that I love the new leather Ballerina summer flats!
  8. ^^Okay I screwed up those pics. I'll try again:
    bk.jpg 0434967512908_275x275.jpg NMX02C9_mn.jpg
  9. Oh yes, I like the woven ballerina flats as well as those with the coin purse at the front. I tried on a pair in Noce, and not only were they super comfortable, having the coin purse peeping out from under the jeans is just so cute (and not at all tacky)! :p
  10. I bought 3 BV shoes last winter and lived in them. Totally worth the money. When I go to the store next week to make the full payment, I was thinking of getting a pair of shoes as well. The sun has been shining in London yesterday and today and I'm psyching up for the Spring. I was thinking of another pair of heels, but maybe I should consider the flats. I am going to get my second pair of Chanel flats fairly soon (black on black, elasticated back, white small logo at the back), so I wasn't considering the BV flats. Now I think they are chic enough to wear to work and the brown ones would look fab with my limo bag.
  12. That was exactly what my SA said when I tried on the Noce flats! :nuts:

    I've tried the same Chanel flats before but somehow just didnt like them enough. Now, those BV coin purse flats, that's another story. Oh dear, my pay desperately needs to catch up with my spending...
  13. Tell me about it!
  14. The ballerina flats are TDF! Unfortch, they don't come in my HUGE feet size :crybaby: