What styles do the rivet bags come in?

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  1. The pictures of the large rivet bag posted are stunning but I feel that it is too big of a bag for me. I love it more seeing the picture than I thought when I saw the lookbook posted on TPF. I tried to do a search for the look book but couldn't get anywhere.
    So I ask does anyone know what other styles they have and the prices?

    I know the pochette but forgot about the price, that was really cute.
  2. pochette is $675 you'll find look book pics in the thread mention in my signature (below) those are the only 2 style other than the lambskin
  3. ^^^That's what I thought too.
  4. Yeah just the pochette and the squarish one...the pochette is about $600 and the larger bag is about $1900 I think. The lambskin one is more..about $3300.