What styles come in Outremer?

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  1. I try to keep up with all the bbag styles & what colors they come in, but it's gotten tough since they added some new styles. I have been DYING for something in Outremer, but it has to be bigger than the city and have a long enough strap drop so I can carry it on my shoulder. I thought the part-time, work & folder styles would be good (please correct me if I'm wrong, though). So now all I need to do is track down one (or all, lol) of these in Outremer - and with giant hw. Ggh, sgh, cgh, rggh: it doesn't matter, I just prefer giant hw. Does anyone know if these styles were all made in Outremer with giant hw? Is there a list somewhere of which styles come in which color?
    I called NY Bal a couple times a couple wks ago & they were busy so they took my contact info, promising to call back with more info on what's available... But no one has called me. I am hoping someone here can help!
    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Last time I looked Barneys.com had an Outremer Work, in Regular Hardware.
  3. I have only seen Outremer with SGH in the City, don't know if it will come with GH in the Work or PT, but I guess it will... I have also seen the Outremer in RH WE and it was absolutely gorgeous!
  4. In some of the threads I think I remember someone had pics of an Outremer Velo, that might suit you size-wise....
  5. I have Outremer Velo:smile: but it only comes in RH and GCH though...
  6. I read in another post outremer is not made with ggh
  7. there's the work, city, part-time and day with silver giant hardware on the bal website.

    i'm thinking of getting one myself!
  8. I have the Outremer city bag and I am in looove
  9. A sa told me she have seen outremer ggh hip.
  10. I also know that it will be coming in RGGH.
  11. how about accessories? do the come in outremer?
  12. ^I think the bracelets do, also CPs and MUs:smile:
  13. i haven't seen anyone post their outremer CPs!! Post it if you have it!! C'mon!