What styles are currently at the Factory Stores?

  1. I'm going to one next week, and didn't know if I should shop the PCE, or at the outlet.

    Would you use your PCE just to use it? I don't feel like any one bag is screaming my name.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I found this at the outlet last weekend.:yahoo:
    I just couldn't leave it on the shelf!
  3. OMG! Do you mind if I ask how much it was? I love this bag. I hope they have it in Whiskey.
  4. It was $320.00 but that store only had black. I felt a "little" guilty because I knew I was going to be buying at the PCE but it was too good to leave behind.
  5. :nuts: That's a great deal! I should call my store and see if they have it. :drool:
  6. Is that the Andrea? I'd love one in fatigue.
  7. I saw a couple of the cognac ones in the San Marcos, TX factory outlet recently....
  8. mine had some patchwork id never seen before and a lot of signature stuff...
  9. Yes that is it! I did see a woman carrying that bag in fatique today. It's a beautiful color. :tup: