What styles are commonly faked?

  1. I'm new to Kooba... got sucked in by the gorgeous leather! I was hoping to purchase my first one off eBay. I will definitely post things in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread, but I was wondering which styles are fakes the most?

    I know Sienna fakes are rampant, but what about the others? I'm interested in a Charlie mostly, the size is so perfect! TIA!
  2. The easier question to asnswer might be what Kooba bags weren't faked. (yet)
  3. Rose got that one right. You have to be careful with every single eBay purchase you make. Charlies used to be okay until Ioffer (a fake site) was selling them in bulk for 160 each. Now they are on eBay. And it's hard to tell unless you get a good look at the leather, (and of course the fakers never give you a really good look), so you have to really investigate into the sellers selling habits to sort it out.

  4. as mentioned above, almsot all the styles have been counterfeited. please be careful with your purchase, especially with Siennas! haha
  5. Thanks ladies! Darn, I thought maybe a few styles were excepted. Like with Balenciaga, you likely would never find a fake Day bag, but there are gajillions of fake Citys and Firsts.

    I will have to be careful! Thanks for the replies :heart:
  6. Well, some say the floral embossed Siennas have not been faked. I also have not seen any fakes (yet) of some of the newer suede bags - Devin, Elisha, and Bonnie. But that's a pretty small percentage of all the Koobas out there!
  7. Most faked IMO: