What style would you recommend for a newbie?

  1. Hi ladies...I am a shoulder bag type or girl. I like bigger bags but not as big as the original cabas or the cambon reporter, too bulky (i think thats what its called). What would you suggest as a first bag? Im 32, housewife, mostly wear jeans and tee shirt/ polo shirt, this will probably be the only chanel bag in my collection.;)
  2. [​IMG]
    i kinda like this one...or if you guys can suggest similar styles....Maybe an MC tote? Cotton Club Tote?
  3. Agree :yes: You can't got wrong with either Grand Shopping Tote or Medallion Tote. I will pick Medallion b/c I wear dresses all the time. GST will be a good pick if you always dress casually.
  4. The Cambon Tote is great, I just bought one for myself (my first Chanel!) and am excited to start using it. But it is a very sporty kind of look. I agree with the others, if it will be the only Chanel you ever buy then you would want a more versatile bag like they suggested. I have my eye on a GST or Medallion myself.
  5. I think the GST would be a perfect choice!
  6. I'm like most people and think the GST tote would be a fabulous choice, its a truly beautiful bag and sounds suited to your lifestyle.
    Although if like you say this is going to be your only Chanel, the Classic Flap is the one and only Chanel bag you have to have! Its comes in a variety of sizes, colours, and textures and is worn as a shoulder bag. It truly is the ultimate bag of all Chanels!
    Good luck with you desicion, let us know what you deceide on.
  7. I think the cotton club tote would be GOOD!! :love: U can dress the tote up or down.. and i think it will look FAB with jeans :yes:
  8. I agree.
  9. i also vote for the cotton club tote. the grande shopping tote or petit shopping tote are also great suggestions!
  10. I vote for jumbo flap if you want jean with classy look. Check ref library.
  11. happie_berrie

    what are the measurements for a petit or grande cotton club tote???
  12. I would recommend the GST in black with S/H or Cotton Club large tote in bronze or black
  13. which one is bigger???
  14. I think they are the same...but I think Cotton Club can fit much more than GST because they dont have the middle department! It depend how you want to dress with the bag. Personally, I think Cotton Club is for casual and everyday bag. And, GST (Grand Shopping Tote) is more classic and elegant that can be use to work and special event.
    So it really depend which one you like the most. You can check the picture for both bag in Chanel Reference section!:yes: