What style will you be getting for Transporto??

  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wondering what you all plan to get for Transporto print??? Think most probably I will get my first Zucca or Campeggio or both... ;)
  2. I pre-ordered a zucca and a ciao (but most likely I will cancel the ciao). Also I plan on getting a campeggio when it hits stores :biggrin:
  3. I preordered a ciao. I already have 2 other ciaos, pirata and adios star, and I figured that transporto would round out the color palette nicely and I know I like the style.
  4. I preordered a zucca. I'm so excited, it is going to be my first.:rolleyes:
  5. i preordered a ciao ciao!
  6. I'm thinking Ciao right now, because I really want a Ciao in general and it will show lots of the Transporto print. Haven't pre-ordered anything yet, though...

    I'm not crazy about Tutti or Vacanze, so the Transporto will probably be my last "new" bag.


  7. My last and next print I plan to get either a campeggio for school and maybe a ciao since I have yet to have that style. The grey seems perfect so I don't have to worry about it getting too dirty
  8. gioco or ciao...whichever one shows most of the characters i like...i don't think i need 2 bags since the color scheme isn't too impressive for now..hopefully its not as dark!
  9. I pre-ordered a Zucca & a Denaro from Pulse ^__^
  10. Hi, I am a newbie in this forum, but have been lurking here for couple of weeks . Can anyone tell me where you usually pre-order those TDF Tokie bags?:p
  11. I pre-ordered a zucca, but I want to see how it looks in pictures Casey sends... I'm on the fence with this print. If I do like it, I'll have to find myself a denaro somewhere since Pulse is out. I just hope I can get one with the Native American couple on the front!! They're my favorite on this print.
  12. I really want a Denaro...so I will be on the hunt for that since I can't get one from Pulse.
  13. Pulse.


    If it's your first order you need to call, the number is on the site. I would recommend you talk to Casey.
  14. my 1st campeggio!!!
  15. Trenino!! (if I can find it) I'm going to be travelling a lot for work and I need a good carry on bag. What better print than one themed around travelling for it? :biggrin: