What style to get in Greige?


What style to get in Greige?

  1. Greige Day

  2. Greige Purse

  3. Greige Box

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  1. I am thinking of adding greige to my little collection.
    I am looking at day, purse and box styles. TIA
  2. I'd go for a Day, since you don't have one yet. The Griege bags I've seen IRL have had magnificent leather, so they should slouch to perfection!
  3. I'm bias -- go for Weekender!!!!
  4. My first pick would be the Purse and then the Box. Both are being discontinued. I just got a Greige First and LOVE IT! GOOD LUCK on your choice!
  5. The Box looks very pretty in Greige as I remember seeing it last year. I like the Day style too...I used to think it was okay but now I think it looks absolutely fabulous.:nuts:
  6. the box.... I had a Day and it was wayyy tooo bigggg
  7. I like all three styles so I am no help. If you can't decide, I would base my decision on where I can find these bags and how nice the leather is. For example if you decide on the greige purse and can't find it anywhere :crybaby:
  8. i voted for a box... i'm loving the box style even though its gone :sad:
  9. i like all 3 styles, but i would choose in this order: purse, day, then box. if you want to diversify your collection, i would do the purse or day since you already have a box. :smile:
  10. i choose the box
  11. I think Griege looks best when it is shiny and veiny and I like it on smaller bags also so I vote Box!

    here is a pic of my Griege First
  12. I have a greige day....the leather is superlative
  13. I like the box.
  14. I have the day and I love it!
  15. definitely the day.