What style/size is Nicole Richie's Chanel?

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  1. Is this a vintage piece? Is there anything similar I might be able to snag online as I love the size = I would assume this one's pricey due to the size? Thanks girls for any info! :smile:

  2. I think that is the vintage jumbo flap!!!
  3. I know a lot of people probably love it, but I think it's really ugly...
  4. i think this bag is so cute.
  5. Yes That is the Vintage Jumbo
    Wow it's verry big !!
  6. yes That is the Vintage Jumbo
    it's verry big !!
  7. The XL Jumbo's are discontinued, but they do pop up once in while on eBay :yes:
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. I kinda like it, but know it would not look good on me.
  10. I love it!! She is so tiny it probably looks bigger on her..
  11. Look at the shoes, never mind the bag! Wow.
  12. I like it but i agree it looks huge on her!!! It surely looks vintage...
  13. it's probably the smallest size... anything on that girl looks gigantic:P

    (all said out of love of course, i couldn't resist)
  14. Hers looks pretty vintage (its very flat looking!) its a Jumbo XL and I posted pics of mine in a threat a while back check it out :biggrin:
  15. Chako I definitely will! I love the Jumbo XL - but probably won't be able to find one...I'll keep hunting though. Thanks girls!