What style should I get my amore in?

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  1. I was kinda thinking a bella... but what styles are you guys planning on getting an amore in?
  2. :sneaky: I think a bella would be cute. The colours would be great. Hm. Actually, that makes me think about a bella...

    Anyway, I was only thinking that I'd maybe get a caramella if I can get a deal on it, cause I don't like the heart background. But now that you suggested the bella, it would definitely break up the hearts more. Hmm.
  3. I'm getting a zucca and a caramella :love:
  4. Yeah that's why I was thinking a bella, I thought it would be good to break up the pattern, but I'm sure they'll all be cute.
  5. I'll have to see some in person first, I think. I'm not sure whether I'd rather have something small with a couple of my favourite characters, or break it up on a bella. :confused1:
  6. If I can't find a ciao I'm going to get a Bella I think.
  7. Most likely a zucca. :smile:
  8. i'm getting a zucca zucca zucca....:yahoo:
  9. i'm probably getting a bambinone or ciao... i :heart: bambinone but i want a ciao also ah decisions decisions :shrugs:
  10. I'm getting a campeggio and a dolce but I'm thinking of changing my dolce to a caramella
  11. Have you found any place to pre-order the ciao from? Pulse is not getting them and the Macy's I've been to don't carry Ciaos.
  12. probably adolce or a zucca :yes:
  13. I'm not preordering... I'm taking my chances at the store :yes: Orange County has several macy's that all get tokidoki... I'm probably going to call them and see if they know when they're getting them next week then I'll have my bf drive me place to place to find the print I like :p but I'd rather see them in person before I ordered... if you want you can tell me which characters you'd want and if I found it I could put it on hold for you then contact you later on which place has it. I could also take pics if you'd like too... i :heart: my camera phone it's like super duper :yahoo: it'd be fun to do it for a fellow tokidoki lover ;)
  14. preordered caramella and canguro but i really wanna get a dolce or bambinone too! i originally wanted mamma mia but since its not gonna be made nemore
  15. Wow! The macy's are getting the amore in next week?