What style paddy should I get??

  1. Well i have the satchel in tan and ivory:heart: :heart: and the hobo in grenat:heart: :heart: ...I'd like to get another style but what??
    I am petite and like to wear my bag on my shoulder...what do you think? Would the smaller pocket paddy fit the bill? other suggestions more than welcome!!
  2. I just saw the taupe zippy on eBay and thought that would be a rockin' bag for you Macp6!!!
  3. ^^thanks hmwe...I think I am going to run over to NM and see if they have any zippies hanging around to try! I'll also search the forum to see how other pfers look carrying it.
  4. I'm so bias but I think the box is a great shape! Do you like bigger or smaller bags?
  5. I vote for the smaller zippy, it's sooo cute on!
  6. and taupe is just a perfect shade!

    DH was like, "its brown"

  7. ^^I have a hobo and that is the perfect size. The medium satchel is about as small as I can go (mom of two so carry alot of stuff)!
    BTW, Hmwe, you are a very bad influence on me!!
  8. I am going to wrestle the mousse zippy out of your arms!!:angel:
  9. :heart::P:heart:

  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: :upsidedown:

    The zippy holds as much stuff as the paddy satchel! outside pockets aren't as deep. I don't know what to stuff in the bottom part so i just put the chloe tags and dust bag in there.

    LOLOL I wish all the colors came in a zippy! :drool:
  11. So zippy came in blanc, mousse, taupe???

  12. Can you post a picture of you modeling the zippy? I'd love to see how one looks on...I searched the forum but couldn't see a picture of anyone wearing this style.
  13. Beautiful leather!! :amazed: Pretty bag!!!! :love: