What style of twilly is this?

  1. What style of twilly is this? [​IMG]
  2. Brides de Gala.
  3. Pretty! Would this work on a bag with GOLD hardware?
  4. Sure, why not? It looks on my computer (color wise) to go just perfectly on gold.
  5. I have this in orange:smile:
  6. Brides de Gala, This will go with anything!!! I would even put it on a Turquiose bag!!! Adds a little brightness to winter don't ya think!
  7. almost anything.... not sure how it would look on red. :shrugs: I'm looking for a nice scarf for my red bag and the online selection isn't that great color-wise.
  8. thanks. with that said, which current twilly style(s) match most with different colored clothing? for example, on the hermes site, there's the pink brides de gala, orange tohu bohu, and green tohu bohu. which one of those is wearable with more things in the closet?
  9. Of all my scarves I wear my pink one the most. I guess it depends on what colors you wear most often and what you feel the best in. :flowers: For me the pink goes with the most, although I love orange and have a lot of orange scarves including the Tohu Bohu Twilly. I wear that one mostly on my LVs or brown suede Coach bags (like the one in my avatar.)
  10. I have the blue one:
    twilly.JPG (click)
  11. How many colors does this style come in?:flowers:
  12. Oh its pretty !! I must get 1 :nuts: :nuts:
  13. Grrrrrr! I've been looking for this one!!! Why, oh why, didn't I get it when it first showed up in the store?
  14. ^^Lol! I've been telling myself that a lot lately about scarves I passed up on in a certain colourway.
  15. Well, so far we know there's blue, pink, orange.. and the current Le Monde has a pic of a black one.