What style of tokidoki do you like most?

  1. I don't know what I should get in a "Tutti." I need to search for an inferno too!!!

    I sort of want a Ciao, or MM. I don't have those two. but I want to find a Zucca too! Everyone seems to like Zucca most. haha!

    Oh yeah! And I thought I'd share. I just bought my boyfriend a... Paradiso Denaro!! It's so cute. I'm going to be sooo jealous of him. It's the cutest Paradiso Denaro I've seen around.

    ANYWAYS! Back to the questions. Which style do you like most?
    I'd have to say I like Gioco or Bambinone
  2. CANGURO...I'm bringing back the fanny pack!!!

    such a fun bag
  3. XD I wanted that! Then my friend said...I looked funny with it on. :pP He's a party pooper.
  4. My favorite style is Bella ^_^
  5. I say you get one anyway:tup:. I think they look great on anyone. I have a foresta one. They are sooo functional and pretty affordable.
  6. My favorites are the bella bella and the zucca!! Mamma Mia comes in third...
  7. Campeggio, I tote around alot of stuff for work...
  8. my favorite style will have to be the zucca and bella.
    i love the gioco to but can very irratating opening and closing it...lol.

    :heart:my TOKIDOKI collection:heart:
    op bella bella
    adios star dolce
    pirata bambino
    paradiso bambino
    pardiso ciao
    inferno bocce
    olive pg bambino
    spiaggia zucca
    spiaggia denaro
    famiglia denaro
    l'amore gioco
    l'amore caramella

    citta rosa mm
    tan playground ciao or bambione
    tutti (not sure which design)
    vacanze stellina
  9. right now i only use my bella. but i really like the mamma mia and the zucca!
  10. My favorite is stellina...

    My other favorites are bella bella, gioco, and bambinone.
  11. Zucca & Bella Bella are my two faves! :love::love::love:
  12. i'm a stellina fan as well, it fits everything i need, and the front pockets come in handy :smile:
    I also like the bambinone, I'm thinking that will be my next purchase
    i'm also a big fan of the inferno print, as well as the spiaggia (which i have in the stellina)
  13. i love my zucca..:yahoo: hehe. fits a lot of stuff!
  14. Stellina (I use that the most), mamma mia and dolce :love:(even though my first one is still on the way to me)!!!
  15. Zucca! It fits so much random stuff.