What style of this pump?

  1. Does anybody know the name of this style? How high is the heel? are they fit TTS?
  2. anybody....? I was told it is called Almond Toe pump by sa online. Is that a name?..... Please...... How tall are the heels?
  3. It's Louboutin's Decolette Zeppa, also known as the Decozeppas. If I remember correctly, this was released to only certain department stores in this color combo. The more common combo is the black shoe with the wood platform. It debuted fall/winter of last year.
  4. I don't remember their exact height, but they are definitely between 110mm and 130mm.
  5. Thank you very much. :heart:
  6. The Decollete Zeppa runs like the Decollete 868 (basically the same shoe, just with a platform added, and you "feel" a slightly lower height gradient) -- i.e. runs small & narrow by at least 1/2 a size; so best to size up by 1/2 a size or a full size.
  7. I saw these the other day on NM's website in my size. Unfortunately by the next morning they were gone. *sniff*
  8. Yeh...., I sized up 1/2, hopefully it will fit. We will know in a few days. Thanks a bunch guys.:heart:
  9. Where did you buy from?
  10. NM's
  11. Are you a 38.5 also?

    I got so excited when I saw them again that I just bought them. :smile: I don't think my local NM has that one. Luckily I just got the Fall Sale NM catalog that had a code for free shipping (NM28) that worked on checkout. :smile:
  12. Just got them. They are not in patent leather, but very comfy. I love it:love:
  13. I canceled my order yesterday (as NM hadn't even shipped it yet). What were they in then if not patent leather? Regular leather?

    I want to wait and see if I can get them for less than $660. :smile:
  14. there are regular leather. GL on your bargain hunt:smile:. But I heard there rarely discount their staple shoes though:sad: