What Style of Jeans Look Best Tucked into Boots?

  1. I'm thinking I want to get jeans that I can tuck into boots. What style or brands are the best for tucking into boots. I usually wear SFAM, Citizens, Hudsons, Rock and Republic and True Religions. Any ideas and photos (of course) would be appreciated! Thanks:smile:
  2. Skinny, tapered or straightleg. Bootcut wil prob work too. But flared usually wont.
  3. Skinny or straight are best so you don't get horrible bunching around the knees
  4. Skinny. I find bootcut to be too big and they bunch.
  5. I'd stick with skinny too. Some boot cuts may work but it might be tight with the boots.
  6. I like COH Avedon the best for tucking into boots.
  7. I wear this look a lot... IMO, the best jeans to tuck into boots are skinnies. Nothing works as well. I do have ankle length COH paley jeans which work just as well, because they are also really skinny... and the Avedon is good, too. Bootcut just doesn't look as sleek, and flare is an absolute no go... it will just look sloppy.

    Here are some of my very favorites!

    J Brand 10 inch skinnies

    Have and LOVE these... like the 10 inch skinnies, but even more fitted and stretchy, so they are very comfy!

  8. skinny any other bunches at the knee
  9. jean leggings, like the J Brand Minal linked :yes:
  10. minal, those leggings are cute, haven't seen those.
    I would def say skinnies or leggings, no bootcut, flare, etc.
  11. definitely stick with skinnies.
  12. Skinnies that I wear with boots tucked in are True Religion Stellla, Julie and Johnny and Ernest Sewn Harlan.
  13. Definitely J Brand 10" skinnies or jeggings. :tup: Blank makes pretty good skinnies for gals on a budget.
  14. Only skinnies...even straight legs can ruin the sleek look. never bootcut or flared.
  15. i NEEED those legging/skinnies!! :biggrin: