What style of eyeglasses should I get?

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  1. I just found out this week that I need glasses for reading. I have tried on a lot but I don't know what to get. My friend said don't go for the black plastic "emo" glasses because they look bad. But yet, I don't want glasses that make me look like an old man either,

    I'm also scared of colored glasses. There are some cute pink and/or blue wire Vera Bradley rectangular ones but I don't want to look like a DORK or old woman with odd colored glasses.

    I have a round face, pale skin, blue eyes, and brown/blonde hair :shrugs:

    What do you have?
  2. Hi! I have similar coloring and I have rectangular tortoise frames (Prada). I like them because they are a nice contrast with my skin and hair and look great with any color outfit/shoes/purse.
  3. I have a round face as well, but I have dark brown hair and light olive skin. I wear these Fendi's. I like them a lot and they are comfortable.
    Fendi1.JPG Fendi2.JPG Fendi3.JPG
  4. I LOVE Pradas and Chanels
  5. do you have any pictures with you wearing them?

    Chanel is not sold in my area. THey do have prada though. However, I need to pick a style before I pick a brand! :yes:
  6. Black plastic "emo" glasses have always been good on me, relative to anything else. I just bought a pair of Norma Kamali frames that are black with b&w zebra print in a small bar on the side. At least now when I wear glasses, I'll have a fairly unique pair.
  7. I also have a round face, but it seems to me that it matters more what shape cheekbones you have. Mine are high and angular, despite my round face. So I picked up glasses that are angled in a similar fashion (oakley o-wires).

    Actually, if you can find oakley glasses that look good on you, I highly recommend them. Many is the drunken night where I have sat on these babies and they're still a-ok. Titanium frames rock my world.
  8. I went for emo-black with a twist, so I chose a prada which has a rectangular black frame with a light purple inside and a pair of Emporio ones with a white inside.

    It doesn't look emo when I wear them, just suits my face.
  9. Instead of black frames i'd go for tortoise shell! I just got a new pair of eyeglasses yesterday and am starting to really love them! They are a lot more glitzy than my old but a lot of fun :smile: My old ones are black, and the slight colour change is nice!

    Attached two pictures of my new glasses (they're by Ferragamo) and one of my old ones (Nicole Miller)
    FEBBEGIN 118.jpg FEBBEGIN 164.jpg oldglasses.jpg
  10. I also have a round face & find Gucci fits meet my face the best, glasses & sunglasses
  11. I hope it isn't too late, but I finally remembered to take a picture of me wearing glasses. I usually take them off for photos. Please excuse the poor quality -- it's a webcam photo.
    Picture 67.jpg
  12. I am thinking of getting a pair of Chanels. I have a really light pair of Silhouette frames. They are frameless and very comfortable.
  13. perhaps raybans? i love the classic aviators and wayfarers...or you can also go to Urban Outfitters for a cheap pair of these....for high-end sunglasses, i really love Oliver Peoples - IMHO, the quality of their frames and lenses (japanese) is way above Gucci/Chanel/Prada...and that's not to say that I don't enjoy my Gucci wraparounds but there's no going wrong with OP...
    here's a pic of Kate Moss wearing her OPs.

    karmita ;)

    now i see that you specifically asked about "reading glasses" and here i'm going on a rampage about OP sunglasses. okay, so now i must say that my brother wears OP reading glasses but i haven't seen their collection for women. As a member above mentioned, i'd recc. Alain Mikli.
  14. Whatever looks good on you- I have cheapo Puma wire frames because they looked best on me (not that I didn't drool over the Fendi's and Chanel's :drool: )