What style of chain is the prettiest/most feminine?


Seeking treasure
May 28, 2014
Suffolk, UK
As the title says. What do you think is the nicest looking chain? I'd like to purchase a white gold/platinum work horse chain for all my white metal pendants.

And other than Etsy, where else would you recommend purchasing one?

Thanks ladies. Pics of your favourite chains very welcome! :biggrin:


Jan 20, 2012
I think it depends on the style of each pendant. The prettiest may not be the most versatile.

I love singapore and snake chains, but they are very different. One is sparkly, the other is modern and smooth. I have one that looks like it is made up of tiny triangles with hardly any space in between - that one is probably more versatile. Cable chains are probably the most versatile.

Width makes a difference too. Sometimes I like certain pendants better on thicker chains that match the heaviness of the pendant, other times I like a contrast. Length is also an issue. I find 18" to be the most versatile as long as the pendant isn't too long.

If your pendants are similar in style, size and weight, you may be able to get away with one chain.