what style moto is bit smaller than medium and fits over shoulder? Sienna has it?

  1. Which one has a longer drop and fits over shoulder better
    than medium (which I have, but thinking about switching to other one...)
  2. i think the one sienna has is the first with stretched out handles.
  3. However, Sienna also has a red city...so it depends on which bag she saw.
  4. here is the picture
    sienna with balenciaga  2.JPG
  5. WTF is she wearing??? :yucky: Nice bag, tho.
  6. that's her classic first with REALLY stretched out handles.
  7. and the rings on the handles are also upturned on her bag, which makes the handles seem a lot longer
  8. Whoah!!! I've never seen handles stretched out that much! It's good to know that Balenciaga bags are sturdy enough to do that w/o breaking! lol!
  9. She has a 1st edition flat brass bag!

    Sienna has hers FOREVER, she must really love that bag!
  10. Yes...it's a First with horribly mutilated handles! I want to cry every time I see her with this bag.
  11. From what I read only the older edition le dix bags has the type of handles that will turn up like that (due to the rings being slightly larger on the le dix bags). I don't think this could happen on a newer '03-'06 classique balenciaga.
    I still think her bag looks fab!
  12. me too! ;)
  13. that makes sense! the way they are turned up is weird.
  14. I read recently how many photos have been taken of Sienna with that Balenciaga bag over the years. It was some crazy number. The balenciaga people are thrilled of course as it attracted a lot of attention to the bag. Especially since she only had two or so (this and her bright red city) so it's the same bag over and over again, instead of Paris or Nicole that have a different one everytime you turn around.