What style is this??

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  1. TIA... ;)

  2. anyone??? It's got an hour + change to go on eBay and a seemingly great price...I'm curious.... :shrugs:
  3. I´ve never seen this style before..
  4. it's from older year i think...
    LP have it on her site atelier.naff
  5. it's called the ring bag I think.
  6. It's called the sac bag. I asked about it in the authenticate thread, I believe, and another Ebayer said that she has one in black. That is what she called it. I'll try to find where we were talking, and let you know who the pf member was.
  7. Her id is RockSteady, and here is what she said: ^ OMG!!! I love the color on that sac! I have one of those bags in black and the metal handles barely fit over my shoulder like the purse style handle drop, works with a light sweater, but not a winter coat.

    I know the auction is over. I put in an esteal bid, but it wasn't enough. Gorgeous color!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. I'm not sure it is called the sac, or that it ever really had a name. I thought maybe someone was just reading from the card, which always says "sac." Anyway, this was a hobo style that came before the Day, and maybe was only produced in 2004. At least it wasn't made after 2004. When a seafoam sold on eBay, there was discussion of this bag. All the ones people have seen have been 2004 colors so far (marron, seafoam, one of the yellows from 2004, white, black).
  9. I have a black one, it's from 2004 season 1. I looooooove it.:love:
    It's my one and only black Bbag.

    The winner of this yellow has gotten themselves a pretty special bag. :yes:

    Congrats to the winner! The leather looks so thick and scrumptous.:drool:
  10. I was watching that auction, but decided I didnt want a yellow bag, what was the final price on it?
  11. It was $898. I put in an early bid because I DO want a yellow. But someone who had this style said that it was snug on their shoulder. I am a heavier person, so I knew it definitely wouldn't go over mine.

    Congrats to whoever won it . . . it is a gorgeous collectors' bag!
  12. ^ $898, it seems.

    Is this color the mustard or marigold? I am not familiar w/ the yellows, it looks very vibrant!
  13. Sorry double post!