What style is this?

  1. I was just browsing the net for handbags today (and every other day really LOL:yes: ) and I came across this one. I haven't gotten a new Coach in a few years so I'm not really familiar with the newer styles. I checked the Coach website and couldn't find it. Could someone please clue me in to what this is! I think it's kind of cute.
  2. Gold Zebra pouch I think is what it's called.
  3. Yes, this is the zebra pouch from last fall/winter, IIRC. I have the matching wallet. I see lots of authentic ones on eBay, I think quite a few made it to the outlets.
  4. This is a Zebra Pouch I believe......

    This Zebra pattern came in pink, green and a goldish/bronze-y color, and I think that is the only three.

    Here is a search on Coach Zebra - will give you a good idea of what is available.....in the colored pattern you are looking at, which was all leather - there were a couple of different sized totes, the pouch you are showing, wristlets (a couple of different styles)scarves, Ipod covers, and an umbrella. Then there is a Zebra that came in a fur of some kind (like the new pony hair/calf hair) and that was in a black/white and then a darker brown/black with suede trim and those came a similar pouch, a flap bag, a duffle, a demi and some accessories (wallet, Ipod cover, key fobs, etc) - these came out the same time as the Oscelot I think if I remember correctly. By taking a quick glance through this list I believe I have covered everything - hope this helps!!
    eBay - coach zebra, Women's Accessories, Handbags, MP3 Players Accessories items on eBay.com
  5. eBay: NEW COACH ZEBRA TURNLOCK BRACELET 6826 PURSE HANDBAG (item 320015801996 end time Sep-08-06 17:52:54 PDT)

    Oh yeah - and there was a REALLY COOL bangle....if you get that pouch, which there looked to be some nice prices on it......you MUST get this bangle!! That is why I knew so many of the styles it came in....I LOVE this bangle and was trying to talk myself into breaking out of my box and doing something wild and crazy and I studied the line ALOT!!!!!!!

    This bangle is phenomenal and would make a GREAT addition to the pouch if you get it. I would even forego a different accessory to use inside of your bag and get the bangle :yes: :yes: :yes:

    eBay: Coach NEW Sold Out Limited ED Bronze Zebra Roll 477 (item 6883788139 end time Sep-17-06 10:24:01 PDT)
    This is reallllllllly cute, too!!!
  6. OOOOOOh that bangle is cute! Okay, I looked through the ebay bags and I think I'm going to go ahead and bid on one.:yahoo: Like I said I haven't done Coach in a while and I want to start small but I really don't think that I can pass this one up. Thanks for your help!
  7. A lot of the outlets have the bracelet right now...not how much they are going for because I opted for the plain leather grommet one rather than the snakeskin turnlock one...but my leather grommet one was like $24.
  8. Was a larger bag with this print ever made? I love this print, especially in gold!
  9. WOW this is an old thread lol! I know totes were made in the green and pink zebra; not sure about the goldish color! You have that gorgeous dooney in the gold zebra though! :nuts: it's so pretty!