What style is this.....

  1. I've been distracted by Balenciaga recently, but this Chloe caught my eye on Matches.com. I have no idea what style it is, but like the shape and love the colour. Am I coming in late on this one.......?

  2. Attach a link? Copy Paste a pic?
  3. That is a saskia and it is a new spring 08 design.
  4. Gorgeous colour, isn't it? :biggrin:
  5. Oooooohhhhh, why did you have to show me that??? :tender: I want one!!!! :yes:
  6. It is gorgeous isn't it. I was looking for a blue bag, hence my defection to Balenciaga as they do such diverse yummy colours. But this however....... anyone seen it IRL?
  7. Oh, I like! I haven't been loving the SS08 stuff, but that is really pretty!
  8. So is this another on line site for future bags? They have really been sprouting lately.

  9. Matches is a well-known London designer store. :yes:
  10. Sally this is my next hue in a purse (I have to refrain from buying) however, this is the yummiest Turquoise and Chloe knows how to do this color (my sister has a turq Edith and I simply adore it).

    I have the Saskia boots from Chloe and the leather is polished, (but not in your face shiny)very thick and durable.

    Gosh I'm talking myself into buying your purse. Gotta stop.........
  11. I recently saw this bag in another color in another post! I love this style and it looks amazing in this color! I really wanted it the first time I saw it, now I REALLY want it seeing it in this color! It's just GORGEOUS!!!:yes:
  12. Weird! I think there are TWO colors: Violet and Pigalle. Maybe they made the Bay in each since I agree that this does not look like the Pigalle on LVR. It looks more bluepurple than redpurple. Of course different leathers respond to color dyes differently as well. Or maybe this website didn't want to call the color "Pigalle". It is Parisienne glamorous but not everybody would know that - I guess?

  13. To me, it still looks red-purple - I think the bluish tinges are probably reflections, as the leather is slightly shiny and/or due to our blue-greyish light over here. :biggrin: