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  1. looks fake to me
  2. 100% Fake
  3. thought so! Thanks!
  4. Can anyone tell me the name of the flat t-strap sandal with the big polka dot bow on it? I can't remember!! And if anyone knows where this might be available, that'd be awesome!!!
  5. Hi Ladies. I bought that pair on eBay few years ago (and never worn them) . According to the box label, it is a pair of Menorca 70 which comes from Jeffrey Atlanta (I'm french, I live in Paris, so I really don't know that store :smile: ). Could you tell me if they are authentic ? The box itself seems to be like my other Louboutin boxes (bought on Net a Porter / Loub Online Store). There something which is not really visible on my pictures ... the inside leather (canvas for the outside / leather for the inside) is is partially crumpled.
    pictue_001_redimensionner.jpg picture_002_redimensionner.jpg picture_003_redimensionner.jpg picture_004_redimensionner.jpg picture_005_redimensionner.jpg picture_006_redimensionner.jpg picture_007_redimensionner.jpg picture_008_redimensionner.jpg picture_009_redimensionner.jpg picture_010_redimensionner.jpg
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    I would be very grateful if someone could ID this style for me and the type of skin (I am thinking lizard?).

    Thanks in advance!
  7. [​IMG]

    what style is this?
  8. which maggie is this? are they new?

  9. They're authentic, Jeffrey's is a reputable CL retailer, I've purchased a few pairs from them myself!

    Lady Peep 150mm

    They look like the lavender suede maggies, they're not new, from a couple of seasons ago.
  10. The are Lady Peep...I think the skin is Cosmo Python
  11. these might be a new maggie. they were posted in the new cl thread. no one is sure
  12. Are Wendy's Pigalles 100mm or 120? I think shes around 5ft.
    And how practical are nude patent 120s for work? Thanks!
    image-3967712188.jpg image-3190664545.jpg
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