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    We seem to have a lot of threads started by people looking for style names of different CL shoes, so maybe we can consolidate and just use one.

    Please post a picture of the style you want identified here.
    If we can, we'll help!

  2. Genius.
  3. Absolute Genius!
  4. Great Idea!
  5. I wonder, would this be better in the reference library or no?
  6. I've requested that Swanky sticky this thread.
    It would be fine stickied in the Reference Library, imo.
  7. :okay: You're on it!
  8. Great idea!
  9. Awesome idea, Jet!

    For a warm up, what is the name of this style?

  10. ^^I think those are the Miss Sixty?
  11. Thanks, Laureen! :flowers:
  12. ^^Maybe it's just Sixty. Something like that, sorry.
  13. How about the ones in my avatar? :smile:
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  15. Good idea!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.