What style is this (satchel)?

  1. So cute! Other than the 2.55 and reporter bags, I know practically nothing about any Chanel style. Is this an oldy/unavailable style?
  2. nope,this afternoon i saw a few of this style(in diffrent colour and sizes) at the display rack
  3. Interesting! Did you happen to notice the price? Although now that I look at it again, it kind of reminds me of a makeup/overnight bag that I have. lol
  4. There's one very similar in caviar leather. But it's a little more rounded. I know they have it in Champagne, black and white. It was $1295.
  5. Thanks, addicted! I'm going to venture to NM to see what they have.
  6. no,i didnt notice the price but i suggest you go and have a look in person coz they have many other bags similar this style