What style is this Chanel wallet?

  1. 38108_PICT0571.jpg 38109_PICT0572.jpg 38110_PICT0573.jpg
  2. It looks like its a Cambon-style wallet, but I'm fairly certain this is a fake.
  3. Thanks. I know its fake. Looking around for a new wallet and I just dont know where else to go for styles. When I find the right one, I probably have to order over the phone, either at Nordys or Saks, and want to know exactly how to describe it. =)
  4. There's a beautiful one that's newer at my NM. I think it's deerskin, it has the Chanel 'plaque' on it.
    It's long like the one you posted.
    If you want a long one, describe that, tell them you want a long wallet w/ lots of CC slots.