What style is she talking about??

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  1. I called a retailer today. She was telling me about a b bag that they had in stock that was about 30cm wide by 20cm tall, with a mirror and a 'key hanging off it'. It does up with a zip or a buckle. But it wasn't the shrug, because the buckle doesn't run verticle. It has handles.

    Which style is she talking about? I couldn't see anything like it on ateliernaff.:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. It sounds like a whistle bag...but then it would be a whistle and not a key....
  3. Maybe it is the hook bag? I *think* I've seen pictures of it with a key hanging off it...
  4. Wowza. You girls certainly know your balenciagas.

    Can't say either of those appeal to me, now that I have checked photos on the web.
  5. Ahh... I know what it is now. Number 2 of the bag photos on the balenciaga website. I don't know what the name of the bag is though... presumably 'the key'.

    Don't like it!
  6. Yeah the whistle bag. That's a whistle hanging off, not key.
  7. i saw a whistle and a key at NM a couple weeks ago. don't know the style names.

    i "think" they has a Marc Jacobs-esque buckle on the top of the bag as a closure. and i didnt like that, so i just overlooked them, although i thought the whistle/key were cute.

    i could be off, i looked at a lot of bags and now they are all blending together.