What Style Is Nicole Richie's Bag? (HELP)

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  1. It's ment to be a Multicolore pochette accessoires (If it wasnt fake!)
    Comes in black or white
    For £290
    or $620.
    It's very cute irl.
  2. How do you know for sure its FAKE ???
    Its nicole richie...
  3. 1. multicolor pochettes DONT COME WITH BOWS
    2. There are red LVS
    3. Theres like 5 colors (real mc bags have MANY more colors)
  4. [​IMG]

    real one
  5. But cant you SO one?
  6. Erm Thanks for the info KaiieChanel .... :push:
    & It's also in the "Celebs with Fakes " Thread .. & We have very good Tpfers that are very good at spotting fakes ( Couture_Girl ^ :yes: John5 & Obviously Rebecca!!) And just cause she is Nicole Richie Doesnt mean she will buy auth bags... Paris Hilton for example :push:

    You don't have to SO one, They are avalible at boutiques atm.

  7. agreed!!
  8. Ok Thanks for the info guys :smile: