What style is best for Vert D'eau?


Which Vert D'eau should I get?

  1. City

  2. Twiggy

  3. First

  4. None, you fool!

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  1. :heart:I've been wanting this color for forever now. This WILL be my last bag of the year. lol ;) So I have two questions, what style looks best in this color...of the three choices I'm looking at? And which makes better sense for me...I have 2 Citys, 2 Twiggys, 1 Box, and 1 Purse? I love both the City and Twiggy equally, but thought the First could be used for day and evening. But I'm 5'5 or 5'6, so is it too small a style for me? Anyhow, thanks for helping.:heart:
  2. i voted for the twiggy, cause i would love to have a vert d'eau in this style. I'm not in love with the first, i usually wear big bags, i'm tall too so i see the first really small for me
  3. voted for the City.. I have that but I'd like even a bigger bag in the vert d'eau like a brief or part time.
  4. I voted for the first because you don't have one and because I think vert d'eau looks best in the first style.
  5. I like it in City...

  6. I voted first! I love them, they look fab in bright or stand-out colours. I read your comments after I voted; I'm 5'8-5'9 and I don't think it's too small on me, and you don't have one yet. Can you go try one on at a Bal retailer near you?
  7. Yes, I suppose that would be a good idea! lol
  8. I voted the twiggy. i had the day in the vert d'eau color and didn't like it at all with the color. I'm not a fan of the RH city in most colors, but love the GH city in vert. I think the twiggy is awesome in this color though!
  9. I don't think you can go wrong with either the City or the Twiggy, since you love both styles equally. I voted Twiggy because I think it would look cute in that color.

    The First is TOO SMALL. JMHO.
  10. i have it in the first style and i love it. i'm 5'8". the first style is a BIT small (i can't fit a sweater inside it like i can the city).. but i do think vert d'eau looks best in the first style.
  11. I vote for the City...
  12. Does anyone here have a pic of the twiggy in vert d'eau? :smile:
  13. This is a pic from diabro.net:

  14. That is SO pretty!
  15. Isn't it? I love it. I know there has to be someone who has gotten a vert d'eau twiggy on this forum...I'd rather see a photo of one owned by a real-live person rather than a stock photo....