What style does Trasporto look best in?

  1. I'm trying to decide... right now I have a ciao and a stellina but I'm not sure. What styles do you guys think Trasporto looks best on?
  2. I wish the mamma mia had been sold in the mainland.
  3. I think a stellina would be good, it's a practical bag and trasporto isn't a scene, so the pockets don't cut off anything.
  4. i would say ciao ciao but its weird to have big AND small version of bag.. and other than those 2 and the denaro.. i would have to say... in zucca or gioco..
  5. It looks really nice on a gioco or a zucca. I have one in a gioco and mm and i LOVE IT!
  6. i think trasporto looks great on a stellina or campeggio, especially for travelling purposes. plus it's easier to get favorite characters on the front because of the pockets.

    that said, i couldn't help myself when i saw an awesome gioco last week...at least it was below retail :angel:
  7. It looks great on the zucca, gioco, and buon viaggio! I love my bv, none of my favorite characters are cut off!
  8. i've loved every trasporto zucca i've seen.
    but personally, i really dig the way it looks on a dolce.
    i NEEEEED a trasporto dolce!
  9. I don't own one but I have seen the Ciao Ciao, Zucca and Gioco and I think I like it on the Gioco best.
  10. I think it looks best on a Zucca... I :love: my Trasporto Zucca....
  11. I have a trasporto zucca, but I think it looks great one any bag. I would probably have gotten it in a stellina...not a fan of the flat style of the ciao/ciao ciao.
  12. I like it on a Ciao or a Bambino so it doesn't repeat too much :smile:
  13. ^^I agree with that. I like it on the Stellina or Campeggio best, personally.
  14. I like to have a trasporto corriere.:love:
  15. I have a transporto zucca and love love love it!! But my bff has it in dolce and it is very cute too.