What style did you not like at first but LOVE now???

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  1. Does that ever happen to y'all? You see a certain style and don't think much about it and later on...the more you see it, the more it draws you in. For me it is the Lady Gres. At first I didn't know what all the fuss was about and was glad to be able to save $900...and now...I really really want a pair! lol
  2. Yes, the Lady Gres for me also. The stock pictures didn't do anything for me. Lynn's first pictures got me interested in the different materials and the textures. All the different colors I've seen on bay make me wonder about it some more. To sum it all up, today's sighting added a confirmation... I love Lady Gres too! :yes:
  3. NPs...wasn't a fan until I saw them in the glitter...I was done.
  4. I can name at least three styles. First, the glitter NPs. I think seeing azure's engagement outfit in the silver glitter NPs made me fall in love with them and with everyone here snagging them in the gold MC and seeing them in ads, etc. has made me want them. At first I felt they were too glitzy for my taste, but now I :heart: them. Another style is the tiger NPs. I felt they looked sort of faded in the store, so I passed on them for months and know I am kicking myself. Funny how these were both featured on Oprah, but it was not being on there that is influencing me, it's seeing them here. A last style would be the lady gres as well. I thought the VP was enough, but seeing them here in different colors/materials has made me wish I did not pass when they were more readily available.
  5. Oh good thread!! The lady gres for me too. I liked them but did not think I HAD TO HAVE THEM, now I do. The glitter and grease paint anything. At first I thought it was not me, now I know it is. The nude VP's with the burgandy. I was STUPID and thought the burgandy tip would take away from the shoe. IDIOT!
  6. The VP in general... now today I decided I want it LOL
  7. Yoyo in the higher heel (100?110?). It was Stinas' pictures of her nude patents that did it for me. Before then I didn't pay much attention to them. :girlsigh:
  8. The lady gres and glitter np. The picture of one of the Olsen twins did me in. I must have them now!
  9. Rolando - didn't like the exposed seam and chunky toe but now my purple suede ones are the 'shoes I would save in a fire' :yes:
  10. Im constantly scouring ebay now for the Para la Cruz in green and black. I was never interested in them from the stock photos but seeing them on i *think* blkladylaw has made me fall in love with them :heart: I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for foxtrots - again did nothing for me at first, but have really grown on me and now i'm on an ebay hunt for them also. And like some of the other ladies - the glitter NPs. I thought they were too glitzy at first and I wouldn't get my wear out of them but now I really want them!!
  11. That's EXACTLY when I started loving these too... and I am kicking myself because my sa was practically trying to get rid of these in feb and march!!! my store had way too many pairs, i saw at least 5 mannequins wearing them!
  12. lady gres for me also. at first i thought it's just a plain shoe, now wanna grab a leather version.
  13. helmuts. blame stinas :roflmfao:
  14. For me it would be the yoyo because the first time I tried them on it was apair of nude yoyo 100's. I did not like the color on me and they were not comfortable on the balls of my feet. Now that I have tried other colors and the 85's & 70's I love that style in the two lower heel heights.

    The lady gres I liked when I first saw in person and they felt so comfortable. I do wish I had been able to find a pair on sale as I have not been able to bring myself to pay full price for a shoe that I could not wear that often.
  15. Most of mine were love at first sight, but it took me a little while to see the light with the Caracolos. Now, I'm crazy about them!