What style Chloe bag is this?

  1. Hi all...

    Can someone please enlighten me on this Chloe style... and if you own one can you please post a pic of you modeling it!!! Thanks in advance. :yes:

  2. i believe thats a hampton..
  3. Hampton is correct...
  4. First I have enen seen that style!

    Do people have pics anywhere
  5. I am lovin' that bag!!!

  6. I have the small Hampton in "oak" (tan)... will try to post a pic later! ;)
  7. Thanks annettedp... Can't wait to see your Chloe Hampton!!!

    In the meantime... I found some images surfing:

    This must be the *large* one - I didn't know there were 2 sizes until your post. I don't a thing about this bag except that it's gorgeous!!! :yes: I just won one on eBay and I'm anxiously awaiting it's delivery. :yahoo:


  8. Hi Padparasha... hope you've received your new Hampton! Here's a pic of mine in oak. I really like it cuz it's so cute and unique.

    Do post pics of your new Chloe! :yes:
  9. Sweet :smile:
  10. Ooooooo annetedp gorge bag chick.
  11. That's very pretty annettedp. I've never seen that Chloe before this post.
  12. ^^ Thanks ;)

    Some pics of Katie Holmes and the large choco Hampton...
    normal_zp05_258.jpg chloeham10.jpg chloeham11.jpg
  13. And here's for comparison... Large vs. Small Hampton:
    BGV5869_mp.jpg BGV5868_mp.jpg
  14. annettedp!!!!

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there! Thank you for all your posts and pix!! I love your bag! It's gorgeous. I didn't realize there were 2 sizes and unfortunately the one I got was the *smaller* size and its WAY too small for me.

    I love the pix of Katie holding the bag. It's beautiful!!!

    Thanks again! and nice to meet ya! :yes: