What Style Chanel Bag Suits Me?!


Jun 17, 2006
Hi ladies!! So, I've never posted in here before because I am mostly an LV girl. Butttt, when I turn 21/graduate, my parents told me I could have one big present, and I would like a Chanel bag. At first I thought I wanted a classic black flap bag, but the more I thought about it, I'm not sure. It's obviously a great bag but being in my 20's, I'm not sure how often I would use it? I want a more everyday bag (Not literally everyday but something maybe a little more practical for more use? If that makes sense). I was looking through the reference section and I loved the modern chain bags, but I think they don't make those anymore? Anyways, I would like something more like that I think, rather than a flap bag. Any ideas on the right style bag for me? Help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!!


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007
i would still get a jumbo in caviar...but if you don't like a flap....
two bags came in mind.
i love the chic quilt frame tote and the in the mix tote. they are both very lovely. the in the mix tote is bit more casual. i have the frame tote and i really love it...it really is chic.
Nov 9, 2010
Black GST, I have one & I am 40 but I have seen several young girls all in there early
20's with them so that would be a good bag, but I love the classic flap & maybe if you dont get one now in years to come you might regret it & I would hate to think what the price would be then.
Feb 21, 2011
I just turned 22, my first Chanel is a woc. Even though it's small, I think its pretty useful and cute. Then I got my first jumbo, but not in black...in metallic lilac. I like it because it's a classic flap but, in a different color and fresh. A GST is nice because it's roomy, but it seemed really big on me...so I didn't get one.

But, of course the choice is yours. GL deciding! :smile:


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Apr 12, 2008
When will you graduate? During the time, Chanel may have some interesting seasonal piece that you may like. So, better check the store around that time?

But if you prefer to get the classics flap, I'm a fan of Reissue. Very understated and quite cool, IMO. A wallet on chain, WOC, is also a great idea. Very practical. I didn't love it at first, but then after tried it on and think of the possibility, I'm hooked. Got one and love so much.

For seasonal that I'm in love now, if you're going to graduate soon, check out the Chain Around and Just Madmoiselle. I love them.

But to be frank, I think if you really want to use it till you're old, better stick with the classic flaps (the CC and Reissue. ;) )