What style are you getting in the new Amore print?

  1. Well, we have to think about it now, because Pulsestl is taking preorders! 15% off and free shipping on them too! I haven't decided yet....have you? I think I want a bigger one because I want all the cute little couples on it!!!
  2. I posted somewhere else that I preordered the amore gioco. When I saw the pic of it I had to have that one. I'm hoping possibly to find a bella as well.
  3. How do you know pulse is taking preorders on the amore? I didn't see it on their website?? And it's 15% off and free shipping?? For sure? On all styles or just zucca and gioco? :confused1:
  4. Click on the inferno gioco at the bottom of the page and in the choice selection they have amore. Also the same for zucca. Not sure what other choices they will have it in. When I ordered my pirata gioco last night I asked if they were getting amore. They said yes and that I could preorder, yea! :yahoo: Plus, I got the 15% off for the amore bag and free ship. Awesome! Better preorder yours if you haven't yet.

    15% off all styles.
  5. I pre-ordered mine b/c I have a credit for the adios zucca that I ended up getting at MetroPark but I had to pay shipping on that item...:sad: Which is really too bad but they already charged my BF's credit card and it's not worth it to make a big deal but I'm not even getting priority shipping...I'm getting the super slow method!! :crybaby: I'm going to their website now...I wonder if I can preorder the caramella. You have to call to preorder, right??
  6. Yes, you have to call them. If you get this message before you call them can you ask if they will be getting the amore bella?
  7. I sent the manager an e-mail to see if I can preorder the amore caramella. If I don't hear back from her, I plan on calling on Monday. I've been putting waAAAAy too many things on my BF's credit card so I want to give it a couple of days! hehehe...like that's gonna make it any better :s When I do call though I'll find out about the bella if you haven't found out by then!!
  8. Annie you should get the zucca!! :love:
  9. Ha! Ha! It won't matter! He will freak when he gets his monthly statement!:wtf:

    God knows I'm going to freak when I get mine! :shocked:

    Please check on the bella, thanks!
  10. I know...he is gonna freak!! He's gonna give me a :lecture: when he gets that bill. I've lost control!!! I'll def. let you know what I find out about the bella. :wlae:
  11. You're going to be on a tokidoki ban :busted
  12. so you :heart: :love: :heart: caramellas huh? What am I missing...I've never had one and don't know what I'd do with one? I think I need to check out caramella and the portellowhatever.
  13. Where can I see the amore print? I like caramellas, I can put a lot of small stuff in it to avoid clutter in my bags.
  14. check out the future tokidoki prints thread and scroll down :smile:
  15. There is also a picture of an amore gioco under Tokidoki bag archive thread. I believe there is also a picture of the spiaggia print as well.