What style are you getting for spriaggia?

  1. What style are you all planning on getting for spiaggia?

    I'm already thinking about either a mamma mia or a zucca because it looks like there's so much going on! :smile:

    Of course I suppose its hard to tell without very many pictures floating around...
  2. I pre-ordered a Spiaggia BV and zucca (I only want one, but just not sure which one) and am on the waitlist for a denaro.
  3. I'm most certainly getting a Zucca and Denero, depending on how I like it I may get another bag in it too.
  4. i preordered bambinone (cuz i don't have this style yet), zucca (cuz this is the best bag ever!), ciao (to capture the whole print hopefully), and mamma mia to get most of the print..though i heard pulse isn't going to get the mamma mia...hopefully i don't end up with all 4 bags but we'll see...i didn't like amore initially n now i'm like queen of amore...lol
  5. Ohh I want a Ciao too. I would have gotten an Amore one if I didn't feel I had enough.
    So yeah, Zucca, Ciao and Denero xD;
  6. are the pre-orders through Pulse? i want to get this print too.
  7. yes the pre-orders are thru pulse :]

    i pre-ordered a zucca but i'm kinda iffy since the print STILL hasnt been leaked yet! as far as i can tell from that one little swatch that was posted months earlier, i think i want more of the water than the beach scene. i LOVE the way the tropical fishies look and the girl w/ the surfboard actually has her EYES open and looks really pretty :] so i guess i'll just have to wait to see when the dept. stores get them instore and if i see something i like more, i may just buy that and cancel the zucca...
  8. Beach scene???? Uh oh! :drool:

    Is there at least one picture I can peeky at? :crybaby:
  9. It's soooo hard to say without any damn examples, but I need a small bag (since I have only big bags now), so I'm leaning toward a dolce with fishies on it.

    OR a ciao. OR bambinone. OR maaaaaaaaaaybe a mamma mia, but that's probably bigger than I'd want.
  10. I'm sure some Spiagia will be leaked soon...
  11. I want to see more pics before I pre-order...idk. And, how much does a Zucca cost anyway? I don't have that print yet...and yes I'm still debating. I do know I want at least one print in that style of bag.
  12. I ended up preordering a zucca but I hope to see it in person first... most of the Nordstroms and macys around here are pretty good about getting different styles in... just not really any zuccas!
  13. i was just looking at the regular lesportsac styles. how cute would this

    look in spiaggia??

    it just makes me sad cuz i know it'll never happen :sad:
  14. JessakaMitz: The zucca is $184, but you know it'd be jacked up AT LEAST $20-30 here.
  15. I thought we don't get them though? lol. AHHH, Maya -- I know I'm going to regret it if I don't pre-order huh? Do you think the print will look to "hawaiian-y" for us who live in Hawaii? I don't want to look tourist-y. lol.