What style are you getting for famiglia?

  1. After seeing the one on eBay I think I like this print more and will probably get one... What styles are you all getting or think would look good in this print?
  2. I'm definitely getting Zucca (of course) and a denaro. I find myself thinking about getting another style though too. Not sure what yet, though. Maybe a Dolce or Mamma Mia (if they end up making that style for Famiglia).
  3. Nothing for me! Whoo-hoo!! :yahoo:
  4. I want something for sure, but I do want something. With moving though it's not cost effective for me to pay full retail.

    I could see the ciao or a campeggio, but still not 100% on the style since I don't have one. Zucca would be ideal, but I have one and probably a second soon!
  5. I want a caramella or a denaro. I actually want a lot more, but I am holding out for tutti and transporto, and vacanze...

    so many bags, too little money.
  6. Nothing for me too...saving $$$ for trasporto and vacanze
  7. I thought the circles would be a lot smaller than they are... so getting the print on a bambino (which is what I had in mind) might be a little questionable now. I'm not even sure if I'm gonna get anything, though =/ It is my favorite print out of the ones that are coming out next... so I don't knoww haha~
  8. hmm...either a bambino or a MM...or even a bella if i cant find either of those...i guess it depends on what macy's got in stock. i wouldnt pay full price for a toki if i dont have to.
  9. i pre-ordered a denaro and ciao. but i'll see how it looks before i confirm to buy it!
  10. I don't think I'm going to end up getting anything in this print. It just doesn't really jump out at me.
  11. Now I just want a caramella after seeing the other post with the pic.
  12. I was set on getting a portatelefono, but I may not have much of a use for it thanks to picking up an adorable pouch for my Game Boy (which is what I was intending on using the porta for). So I'm thinking a Bambino or maaaaybe a Ciao...

    I need to have different bag styles for every print and I'm starting to run out of options! XD
  13. well right now I'm wait-listed for a ciao but if I end up not being able to get one then that's okay. I'll just wait for Macy's to get stuff in and get another style on sale. yay for coupons!! :biggrin:
  14. i was thinkin about a porta too, but now that i see the circles are a lot bigger than we originally thought.... well, i guess I'll just have to see it on bags in person because as I learned from Spiaggia, the style I originally wanted for that was a BV, and I wound up getting a bambinone because of Bubblesungs & because the one I found in Macys had Adios surfing on both sides & was too cute to pass up! So I'll have to see what it looks like on different bags in store & what characters are where, etc etc