What style are these chanel sunglasses that Nicole is wearing?

  1. Please tell me what Style these sunglasses that Nicole is wearing .. They are chanel but what style. Got these pics from Nicole.fan
    71519_146250168122007101334PM_123_978lo.jpg Chanel%20sunglasses.jpg 540.jpg 71513_146250158122007101551PM_123_845lo.jpg 71721_146250458122007101620PM_123_533lo.jpg
  2. The number on the arm of the sunglasses is 34823 S5018. I think that would be the style number.
  3. oh wow do you own these? where did you get them how much were they? thanks
  4. i still cant find them... thanks
  5. I saw them at the NM in Tyson's Galleria, VA two weeks ago. They retailed for over $400 (I want to say $425 or $450). 703.761.1600 - I would ask for Carey...he's really great and would know the exact glasses (since I tried them on and thought that they were too cool for me).
  6. I really wan the dress she is wearing. anyone know the brand?
  7. you tried them on and they were too cool?? I hope they look good on me... you should have bought them and sold them on eBay for 1000 like everyone else did...