What style and print is this bag?

  1. Calling all experts. I am hoping to get this Tokidoki as a gift for my son's girlfriend for Christmas.


    Could you please tell me the offical style and print name of this bag?
    Also, what would the msrp have been if new?
    And anything else the new owner should know to identify this bag?

    I will include this info with her gift so she knows. Thanks!
  2. When I try to click the link, I get a message that I do not have authority to access that page.:confused1:

    If you can post a picture, one of us can definitely tell you the print, style, and virtually anything else you need to know.
  3. I don't have access to the selling forum either, but the title in the link says 'tokidoki black bella'. Tokidoki black typically has original print on the inside, black fabric on the outside, and green/blue hardware. Or, it's a notte bella, which is black on the outside, but with the citta print on the inside and with silver hardware. The only place to get Tokidoki black is on eBay. You may still be able to find notte at a local Macy's. Tokidoki black bellas were originally $120, and notte bellas were $130. You can find a lot more information on the prints, styles and prices here: http://www.tokidoki-blog.com/tokidoki-lesportsac-bag-archive/
  4. I do apologize as I assumed a link would show from the Marketplace.

    Here is the photo of the bag. This photo belongs to the owner, Honu, and I hope she understands I am only borrowing it to find out info on the bag.
  5. Well that is definitely an Original Black (1st Gen) Toki bag. It's either the Bella or the Bella Bella. Since the title says Bella, I would assume it's that one. (The difference between Bella and Bella Bella is size, the Bella Bella being bigger.)

    Original retail was $120 for 1st gen Bella bags. 1st gen bags have the blue and green hardware. The zipper pulls for 1st gen were painted green and that green paint has a tendency to chip. Just an FYI.

    Also, this has never happened to me, but there are instances of the rivets popping off the shoulder straps of 1st gen Bellas and Bella Bellas. It's my understanding though that they are fairly easily fixed, but again, just something you may want to know...

    The Bella measures 6"x11"x3.5" has two front zip pockets, one inside zip pockets and an inside front cell phone pocket along with a carabiner on a stretch cord inside.

    Hope all that helps you!
  6. Thanks so much. If I am lucky enough to get this bag for her I will type up the info and include it with the gift.

    You gals are great!