What stretched for you?

  1. Inspired by another thread, I was wondering which of your CLs have stretched over time and which have not? Did any become too big? Were any uncomfortable/tight when purchased and stretched to be comfy over time?

    For me, I found that after about 3 wears my patent Decolletes, which started out perfect at the heel and slightly snug in the toebox stretched to need heelgrips. Same with kid leather Yoyo Zeppas.
  2. Baby- I second that about the Decolletes! I HATED the way they felt at first! I died when I did that long walk. I think thats what broke them in the best. Now I can do anything in them! I re-sole them and it feels like they bend better too. But they did stretch and kind of molded to my foot. I love them.
  3. Yes that's the perfect word - they mouled! That patent leather is sooo soft, I love them now too! Only I broke them in with several car-to-restaurant short walks instead of one big killer LOL
  4. Okay. Thanks to this thread I'm going to give my brown patent Decollettes another try. Because they are the perfect color (looked 3 years for a patent shoe in that color) and I love how my feet look in them, but hate how they felt after that one wear. I will try again (but only when I am able to soak my feet the next day!).
  5. That might of been a smarter idea. lol
    I didnt wear heels for about a week after that long hike lol

    Totally worth the pain. Once they break in they are amazing. That shoe has the perfect curves, makes you feel & look sooo sexy.
  6. I agree, it's totally worth the effort. They are the hottest shoe and go with so much. I found that even 5-10 minutes of walking on the street help break them in more than 1-2 hours of walking around on carpet at home!
  7. I agree, The carpet does not do much.
  8. So the decolletes mold to your foot ... or do they stretch out?
  9. Both
  10. Mine moulded so they dont feel as tight in the toe box, and they stretched out to be slightly too loose at the heel.
  11. For me, the decolletes appear to be what "stretches" the most. The VPs appear to stretch a little bit in the toe box, but nothing like the decolletes. My simples never truly mold and appear over time to be one of my most UNcomfortable.

    What about everyone else.
  12. Mine stretched out too much. I went from a heel grip to full insole padding + heel grip. I'm so saddened.
  13. My laminato rolandos stretched to a point where i need heel grips AND ball of foot pads!!!

    this is why i buy everything TTS now...
  14. My mini bouts stretched for me after doing the sock trick and using it around the house more than 3x. I finally used it out a week or so ago and they were uber comfy. I've had them since November.
  15. whoa, how long did that take? and did you go half or full size up? I went half size up from normal CL, and still in the process of stretching them after 3 nights of wearing....