What Stores (including online) Have the BEST and WORST Customer Service

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  1. In terms of your designer handbag purchases (stores and online), name at least one store with the BEST and WORST customer service.

    BEST: eluxury.com - They make shopping fun again (sorry Old Navy). I placed many calls and their reps were always friendly, courteous, and helpful over the phone. When I return something, it takes a couple of days for them to process it. I remember one time I returned something and wanted to get something different. The rep informed me that it was sold out, but was willing to ship it for free once it was in stock.:biggrin:

    WORST: Gucci.com. Their so called Personal Shoppers Program sucks. They either take forever or never reply to my emails. I returned something and it took them almost three weeks to refund my money, blaming it on a backlog of unusual amounts of returns. (duh! Could it be the quality of your products and/or your rude reps be the reason(s)? Hmm!) When I call, they were never helpful---always with their "yes, no, or don't know" responses and never providing any suggestions or explanations. :evil: They better get their act together or else... I'll be singing that Jessica Simpson tune "these boots were made for walking..."
  2. Best: Nordstrom. sales associates are always helpful, friendly, and willing to answer their stinkin' phones (always a pet peeve of mine when you call a store and get bounced around and the department you want never actually picks up their phone). they never talk down to you or pay less attention to you because the bag you're looking at isn't the most expensive one there.

    Worst: Saks, at least the one in Atlanta. the SAs there have always been rude, unhelpful, impatient, unwilling to look things up, and unwilling to help me if i'm looking at isabella fiore instead of chloe. i'd never shop there if their selection wasn't usually better than NM and they didn't take Visa.
  3. BEST: Bloomingdales (store itself). The SAs are always so friendly everytime I approach them. They give the best freebies and samples when it comes to cosmetics. And they usually have very good sales too. :lol:

    WORST: Neiman Marcus (store itself). The SAs are always so stuck up, like we customers owe them money for life or something. The SAs are usually busy chatting with their coworkers and we have to wait to be served. If you didn't walk in with a decent designer purse or outfit, they wouldn't even look towards your way at all. You have to chase them down literally. It's just ridiculous. :evil: I rather deal with their online store.
  4. The worst-Definitely GUCCI hands down. With the gucci pouchette incident and more recently with the white leather guccissima cosmetic bag mishap and gucci's incompetence and severe rudeness, they definitely take the cake on being the worst customer service ever, in fact, they really suck.

    The best-Tod's Las Vegas, although all the Tod's boutiques I have gone to all over the US are all very nice and have tremendous customer service. AWESOME the way cs should be.

    LV ain't bad either, I love the gals n guys that work there, always willing to help out.
  5. Oh, side comment: Neiman Marcus gets my vote as worst 'meat market' ever (along the fact that, yes, Irissy, I agree that the SA's act like we owe them money for all of their lives or something), no offense to anyone who works for them now, but everytime I go in, I notice most of the young broods have extremely scandalous outfits on and try man stealing...just an observation :suspiciou
  6. "The best-Tod's Las Vegas, although all the Tod's boutiques I have gone to all over the US are all very nice and have tremendous customer service. AWESOME the way cs should be."

    I agree about Tod's too. The Tod's at South Coast Plaza, CA were really nice to me the last time I dropped by to check out their bags. Even when I was in a college sweatshirt and jeans, they still made me feel very welcome and answered all my Qs. Good for you Tod's!!
  7. worst: gucci vienna
    best: chanel, they are awesome! super nice and helpful!
  8. Best: Bloomingdale's. The employees are always nice to me. I bought a pair of jeans there a few months ago and went through about 15 different pairs before deciding on one. The girl was very sweet and helped me find different styles and sizes, and gave me her honest opinion on how each pair looked.

    Worst: The Saks here in Orlando. I've had a good experience at the one near my dad's house, but the lady in the handbag department at the one here is always rude.
  9. Best: Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan and Neiman Marcus (in DC). I also got great service at Alexander McQueen and depending on the SA, Saks Fifth Avenue has great service sometimes.

    Worst: hmmm...mainly snooty Upper East Side boutiques in Manhattan...Louis Vuitton's service is pretty awful as well.
  10. that reminds me - i went to the Burberry store on 57th street when i was in New York before i started college and i had worked all semester before and had some money from that plus a bunch of graduation money so i really was thinking i wanted one of their bags (this is before i really got in to purses) but they followed me around like i was going to steal something the entire time - not asking if i needed help, just following. needless to say i didnt give them any of my money.

    the burberry people here aren't quite so bad, but they immediately run away once they realize that you might be just looking instead of ready to buy. hey, a girl's got to look, i might still have questions, it doesn't mean i'll never buy from you! because if i see something i want, i definately will.
  11. Best: Sephora (online), eluxury, Anthropologie (online), Nordstrom (store and online), Louis Vuitton (in Charlotte)
    Worst: Definitely Neiman Marcus, stores and on-line, I love the merchandise but they're so full of themselves
  12. Best: Neiman's handbag department in Tyson's Galleria (DC Metro area)...but only because my favorite handbag SA moved from Saks over to Neiman's. Otherwise, I have your typical Neiman's experience.

    Worst (tie): Saks in Tyson's Galleria. The people in the women's contemporary department are the most obnoxious people I have ever encountered. I never get asked if I need help, and hate that when I do buy something, that an ungrateful person is getting the commission. Also, I've experienced ageism at the women's lingerie department at Nordstrom in Pentagon City - so frequently that I actually wrote a letter to complain about it. I don't have much luck with bras in VS, so I always buy them in department stores, and really like some of the things at Nordstrom. However, every time I go, I get completely ignored and the SAs have let older people cut me in line to check out! It's outrageous.
  13. Best: Hermès Milan
    Worst: Loro Piana Milan +L.V Stockholm, Sweden= Very rude incompetent sales associates.
  14. i forgot to mention - i think it's completely pretentious and snotty that neimans only takes AmEx in-store. i hate paying with cash and check (credit card is much safer and easier as far as returns) but i am not about to open an AmEx or a Neimans account and bend to their will just to buy a bag from them. my bank uses Visa, so that is what i use, and if that's not good enough for them, then they can't have my money.
  15. ^^i completely agree....i HATE that...and i dont have my own amex..so i have to use my dads..and then he sees how much the bags are REALLY worth...