what stores in the u.s. are getting met. red reissue??

  1. What stores in the US are getting the metallic red?? I just spoke with a chanel botique and she said they don't have and are not getting red in the 2.55 - maybe it's a sign that I need to stick with my dark silver and green ones:smile:

    And some of these other posts are scaring me a bit into thinking it's not going to be the same as viki's lovely bag.:confused1:
  2. Neiman Marcus - 226 and 227 (I THINK - they may have just gotten the 227)

    Bergdorf - 226 and 227

    The only US Chanel boutique to place an order was Hawaii, but they only ordered 4 of the 225 and 4 of the 226.
  3. Each of the two Hawaii boutiques (Ala Moana and Waikiki) ordered 4 of each (225 and 226) so total of 8 each store (16 total).

  4. thanks, mon, I haven't taken a trip (via phone call) to the islands yet so I forgot they had two boutiques :p
  5. Thank you also for confirming that NM ordered them in the 226 size.
  6. thanks, you guys - but do we know if it's the same color that we've been drooling over???
  7. If Viki could confirm the style numbers and color code for her bag then we can confirm today, otherwise we'll have to wait until mine arrives tomorrow.
  8. oh -I forgot you're getting one too - yes please let us know. thanks.
  9. I really am hoping for a 225. Am on the list in Hawaii, but no call yet. Oh well! Gorgeous bag.
  10. ^ i wonder if you and i are on the same list for the 225?! :yes:
  11. I just called the Waikiki boutique (my bag hasn't shipped yet:cursing:, but will ship today and I'll get it Friday).

    She confirmed it's metallic red and she confirmed the style#

    A37587 Y04844
    Color Code: 81540

    She also said that if I didn't want the metallic red I can send it back because the waitlist is 4 pages long. I said "Oh NO! I'm not sending it back".:roflmfao:
  12. I talked to 3 different nm today - none of which are getting the metallic red.
  13. Thanks for the info. smooth. I just spoke with another nm sa and she said that she found out that each of the stores that were getting the met. red are only getting one. so, I think my chances are pretty slim. but thats ok - it wasn't meant to be - thats just more $ I'm saving. please post pics when you get yours.
  14. Really :confused1: ...
    I think NM usually gets at least 2 - 3 purses for each style they order ... If they are only getting 1 dark red reissue for each NM that ordered this color, then dark reissue will become quite limited in the US because only the Hawaii Chanel boutiques ordered this color besides of NM.

    Edit: Oops, sorry, I forgot BG should order it as well.
  15. I know!!!! that's what the sa and I were talking about. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Do you think they(chanel) thought it wasn't going to sell that well???