What stores have large selections?

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  1. What stores have the largest collections of B-bags?
  2. I would assume Bal NY but I heard majority of their bags are in their back room. You have to request to see it.
  3. i would think Bal NY too.

    i'm lucky to have 2 retailers local to me (Susan and NM SF), so that hopefully i can see most of what is out that season color wise. it would be very hard to buy sight unseen all the time!!

    what are you looking for miss allison?
  4. I want an ink city. I called BY NYC and they don't have it. I have heard that there is one really distressed looking one on Toronto but it isn't that nice. Other than that, I can't find it anywhere.
  5. Your best bet might be on ebay then.
  6. yup i think the ink city is pretty much sold out. i did see 2 ink work bags in Barneys a couple months ago....