What stores do you sleep on?


Oct 19, 2006
in the store....
After reading a few posts/threads and seeing the fabulous pieces you ladies have, I realized I need to stop sleeping on stores. I'm stuck in a J.Crew-aholic. Seriously, 90% of my wardrobe is J.Crew (I kid you not, my closet looks like a J. Crew stock-room).

So, I've started to branch out a bit. Recently picked up a few pieces from Anthro (previously, I'd only shopped there for housewares) but ventured into their clothing options and founds some cute pieces.

Forever21 - great for accessories and wayyyyy cheaper than my lovely J.Crew. I don't particularly care for their clothing though.
Banana Republic - hadn't shopped them in years, because their design team was the pits, but they're commin' back hard!
Aldo Accessories - another great place for cheap finds
The Limited - I used to hit them up on the regular in HS & College. Went there last weekend with my tPF CL BFF, SurlyGirl and found more GREAT pieces for work and play
Wink (Georgetown location)
Ann Taylor Loft

So what stores do you sleep on and which ones have you recently discovered? Sharing is caring :flowers:


Quiet!Hermes Hunting
Aug 17, 2006
Orlando, Fl
Zara. Hands down I slept on em too long. They have great affordable pieces. Now I can't stay out of there. I love em as much as h&m and F21.
Aug 31, 2008
Trina Turk -- dresses, cardigans, skirts, leggings. I only buy on sale, but there are always sales, and they're consistently very good deals.
Ella Moss -- dresses, "going-out" tops, leggings
Rachel Pally -- pencil skirts. SO SEXY, and feel like pajamas. I can think of no better combination.
Ann Taylor Loft -- most of their stuff doesn't excite me, but I always look, because there are always two or three fabulous pieces mixed in. I recently bought a sweater and a scarf that I'm over the moon about.
INC at Macy's -- fitted fleece jackets. I'm wearing one today (a cropped 3/4-sleeve blazer with ruffle trim). They put out a ton every season, and I always pick up two or three.

My J. Crew obsession didn't start until this season, actually. In seasons past, I only bought suits and cashmere sweaters. In the past couple of months, I've branched out into blazers, printed cardigans, graphic tees, skinny pants, and costume jewelry.


Gone fishing...
Jul 30, 2007
I was sleeping on Aldo accessories (I now pay them a visit after I leave JCrew).

-The Limited (use to love them) but they have been upgrading their store for the past year so they moved them into a smaller location in the mall (because of the that they didn't have much on display) but they are moving into a larger mall location in April.

-Anthro: They really have cute dresses and cheaper necklaces than JC
-H&M: Last week I was searching for white skinny jeans (JC wanted $98.00 & I wasn't in the mood to pay $98.00 for white jeans, hit up Gap (cut funny), American Eagle and Xpress only had destroyed) and found them at H&M for $19.99

-DSW: Since I've started buying more CL's, I haven't paid them much attention. However, I found some really cute 9West pumps for $69.99. And now, I think $300 for shoes is a sale:confused1:


feels like pigsomnia
i have a newfound ted baker obsession - i literally go there every week, and i almost always end up buying a couple of things! ted baker also weaned me off my previous s.w.o.r.d. leather jacket obsession(^(oo)^)v

finally diversifying my cocktail dresses away from Herve Leger - been getting into Versace and Dior RTW! (^(oo)^)


Rational Narcissist
Sep 11, 2008
hmmm sleeping on... i'm pretty diversified in terms of clothes... but brands i've been sleeping on are Dior and Louboutin.. and will continue to sleep on them.. sleeping on H would probably bankrupt me so i only Nap on H from time to time...