What Stores Do Teenage Boys Shop At?

  1. I'd like to get my two 16 year-old nephews some great clothes for Christmas, but I have no idea what the favorite stores are for young men.

    My nieces are no problem -- but with the boys, I'm clueless!

    Also, if you can suggest any particular brands or labels that teenage boys are "into" this year, I'd appreciate it!

  2. Completely depends on the teen... my 15 yr old stepson loves journeys & that type of store (kind of skater boy stuff) but our friends son (17 or 18) still loves his abercrombie - I think every time I've seen him he's in abercrombie. I don't think I've ever seen my stepson in anything abercrombie or even want to go in that store @ the mall. That probably wasn't very helpful, sorry!
  3. Actually, your answer was very helpful! One of my nephews is really a skate board fanatic. Is Journey's found in the malls, usually? I've never heard of it. I feel ridiculous, but I didn't know Abercrombie sold teenage stuff. I'll give both of these places a look.

    I appreciate your help!
  4. Zumiez or Pac Sun for skater clothing. Hmmm maybe Nordstrom?
  5. Yeah, if he's into skating, he'll usually be into surf brands too as the crossover a lot. Volcom, Quicksilver, Vans, Airwalk, DC. Just hit up a local surf/skate shop and start shopping.
  6. some skate shops? or american apparel, urban outfitters, vans, gravis, insight, volcom
  7. You can never go wrong with a gift certificate. Maybe to Macy*s / Bloomie's / The Gap . . . . some place where they sell varieties of styles of clothes.
  8. Hollister and American Eagle.
  9. I agree with pac sun, zumiez, journeys...also hot topic for funny t-shirts.

    I would say no to Macy's, Bloomies, Nordies...my boys don't like anything there.
  10. i work in retail (beach works) and had a bf who skated

    they wear LRG, RVCA (said like ruca), and Obey mostly.
    and plain white tees size 2xtall
  11. Actually Nordstrom sells a lot of Quicksilver and Volcom for boys up to 20 years old..
  12. My son (15), and my nephews, (14,17 & 18) all love to shop at H & M, Vans, Pac Sun & Zumiez...
  13. My son likes........American Eagle
    Hot Topic
  14. pac-sun
    old navy
  15. Is North Face a brand teenage boys like?