What stores are having a sale?

  1. What stores will have the Chanel sale? Is is just Chanel for the June 9th sale or do you think Saks and some of the other stores will have sales also? It's easier for me to get a order from Saks so I hope to call my SA tomorrow to see if she knows of any upcoming sales. I am not sure if they even tell the SA that they will have a sale in the future.
  2. I know that Saks in BH has already started the 40% off sale. There is another thread that discusses Saks, NM and the Chanel boutiques that might be helpful to you.:smile:
  3. The Chanel Boutiques at Saks in Boca Raton & the Neimans in BR are already having their pre-sale Chanel 40% off sales...they are moving really fast!!!
  4. I went into a NM in Tampa and they had quite a few Cambons on sale in pink the small bag up to the tote and the reporter in beige w/ black for 2-something. Plus several more that WEREN"T from the Cambon line they were from 7-something up to 1000. Plus some ballerina flats in a beige/black,pink/black,the slides in patent leather in black & beige ones. They had a grat selection at this store.
  5. NM Boston is only doing 30% - I just called. Is this true for all NM or does it vary?
  6. saks in BH says that no pochettes are included in there sale.

    chanel in sf says they arent doing presale until next week, didnt give me a day.

    EVERYTHING is different per store and per SA.