What stores are carrying the Aubergine?

  1. Hi fellow Choo Fans,

    I checked with the Jimmy Choo Store on Rodeo Dr, Bev Hills and they told me the Choo stores did not order the Aubergine:confused1:

    Does anyone know what store they may be available at?
    I really want to see one in person before I purchase one.
    Thank you so much!!
  2. Net-A-Porter have Mahala in Aubergine.
  3. None of the boutiques bought them. The only place ive seen one is on NAP
  4. Thanks Gris :smile:

    I was hoping to "eyeball" the color :blink:
    Do you guys just order it off the internet and return it if it doesn't work?
  5. I would. Just make sure that NAP returns your money and that they do not give you store credit instead. Ive never order from them so I do not know their return policy and what not.

    Also I just found out that the Aubergine is the same as the purple, that is what Robyns SA Casey told me, I just email her, i just dont understand why NAP has it as Aubergine and why JC has it as purple. I have too dig deeper into this hole and find out what the hell is going on.
  6. OK - this 2 look so different that is hard to believe they are the same, but it could be because of the lighting the bag is getting, the angle or whatever else.

    The purple has gold hardware and to me the one on NAP looks silver but on NAP it says is gold hardware.

    I dont know..... the suspension is killing me .....


  7. Gris!

    good Agatha Christie mystery solving:tup::tup:
    Thanks for getting the 411.
  8. Mistery Solved!!!

    It is confirmed aubergine = purple ..... I was dying to know so I email JC and this is the response:

    Dear Gris,

    Thank you for contacting JIMMYCHOO.COM.

    We can confirm that the style in question is of the same colour.

    Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards ,

    Customer Care Team

    Sent: 24 August 2007 00:18
    To: JC Customer Care
    Subject: Purple Mahala

    Is the purple mahala on your website the same color as the aubergine mahala selling on Net-a-porter web-site? Or they are two different colors?

    LOL, I feel dumb!!!!