What store sells--

  1. What store sells the Very Prive in black patent with burgendy tip? I haven't seen them anywhere in my area (Chicago) and am looking to purchase a pair. Thank you!
  2. I wish I could find those too.
  3. Mine were purchased from Neiman Marcus online. I do most of my CL shopping via charge sends and online so hopefully somebody else can let you know if they have seen them in store. I think stinas may have said she saw some at Short Hills in New Jersey?
  4. Jlinds, In addition to Ashakes' suggestion that Neiman's has them, you should also try Saks. The Saks in NYC had them when I stopped by this past week, but I don't know whether they still have many sizes left. You should give them a call and, if they don't have your size, ask them to locate this shoe for you.
  5. I found the Kid leather with Red tip at Saks, Short Hills, NJ.
    If I found the patent I would have bought them lol
    Ill keep an eye out!
  6. Add me to the list for the VP black patent with the burgandy toe. 39.5 or 40. Let's all pray to the shoe fairy....
  7. I will check w my SA at Saks. He is awesome.
  8. Saks in NYC WAS carrying them, but last time I was there was literally almost a month ago. I'll bet that if you can call them and ask them, even if they don't have your size, they can use the product code to see if any other Saks carries them
  9. Thanks ladies. I've never seen them at Saks, only the kid leather with red tip, and I'm dying for patent!!
  10. Debwonger & babypie you have MADE MY DAY!. I just ordered the size 40. I should get them on Tuesday and will definetly post pics. I really hope they fit because since it's patent it might be a little tight. These popped up in my size also, and of course I couldn't resist.
  11. I just check at the Bergdorf online and phone, and they only have a 42 left......someone snag these!!!! I need to find the 40.
  12. Yeah, I am a perfect 36.5, and they didn't have them available at BG, so I'm still searching!
  13. Yay! :woohoo: